Closing Checklist | Simple, Straightforward and Smooth

What you can expect from your closing with Signature Escrow & Title Services

Once the Lender has given the "clear to close", we will contact you to guide you through the final steps.

The day prior to closing, the Lender will provide us with final closing instructions, including schedules of fees paid and due. From these instructions we will prepare a Closing Disclosure, - a financial summary of the entire transaction. At this point we will review the Closing Disclosure with you as well as notify you of what you should bring to the closing, including:

  • Valid unexpired driver's license (please contact your processor prior to closing if this presents an issue)
  • A WIRE or CASHIER'S check payable to Signature Escrow & Title Services, LLC, in the total amount needed at your closing
  • Any remaining Lender conditions/documents

On closing day, you will be asked to sign documents such as the Closing Disclosure, Mortgage, Note, and other lender and title documents. The seller will be required to sign the Deed and other closing documents.

Once your closing is complete, Signature will record the Deed and Mortgage at the appropriate registry; disburse payments collected on the Closing Disclosure, ie taxes, insurance, etc., and prepare the policies of title insurance.

From pre-closing through post-closing, we are always available to answer your questions about the closing process.