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Our Commitment to Safe Closings

The mission at Signature Escrow & Title is to ensure the safety and privacy of each employee, client, customer and vendor while still providing essential services. As such, Signature has adopted measures to address the COVID-19 Pandemic. These measures are amended as necessary to comply with and/or exceed local, national and global protocol to bring the spread of the virus to a halt.
  • On-site associates’ workstations are located a minimum of 6’ away from one another complying with the established standard for social and physical distancing.
  • Employees exhibiting any signs of illness or who have been exposed to someone with an illness are required to stay at home.
  • Every surface is disinfected throughout the office daily. Closing room surfaces, including chairs, are disinfected prior to and immediately following every closing.
  • Closing packages are being emailed to customers to be reviewed in advance of the closing.
  • Curbside closings can be arranged with customers.
  • Mail away closings are also being offered to customers.
  • Sanitized pens are being provided to each signing party.
  • Customers who are exhibiting any signs of illness or have been exposed to anyone exhibiting such signs must reschedule their closing.

Such measures will stay in place or be amended as necessary until such time that the CDC issues a statement clearing the current pandemic crisis.

Thank you all for doing your part in reducing the spread of COVID-19 by adhering to established protocols, supporting and strengthening one another and finding solutions to our current challenges. Together, we will overcome this calamity.

Be well, Your Signature Escrow & Title Team