Once the Lender has given the "clear to close," we will guide you through the final steps.

  • Bring to closing an unexpired driver's license or another government-issued photo ID.
  • Pre-send a WIRE or bring a CASHIER'S check payable to Signature Escrow & Title Services, LLC, in the total amount needed.
  • Any remaining Lender conditions/documents that you have been asked to bring.

WARNING — Wire Fraud Advisory

For your protection, always verify your final closing figures with one of our team members by calling (603) 431-8100. Do not accept any wiring or check instructions until you have spoken with a Signature team member.

Once your closing is complete, we will record the Deed and Mortgage at the appropriate registry; disburse payments collected on the Closing Disclosure, i.e., taxes, insurance, etc., and prepare the policies of title insurance.

From pre-closing through post-closing, we are always available to answer your questions about the closing process.

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